Greater Smiles for Children

Getting off to a good start to a greater smile

GreaterSmilesKidsAn orthodontic exam by age seven is recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists. We agree that when the permanent teeth begin coming into the mouth, the time for the first consultation is near. The majority of kids are not ready for treatment yet, but the consultation can set them on the right track for orthodontic health.

Most often, early orthodontic treatment does not prevent the need for braces later. Therefore, we are quite conservative when recommending early treatment. When early treatment is not indicated, we may place the patient on an annual recall schedule until the optimum time for treatment occurs.

There are, however, instances when early treatment is needed to avoid compromising the result, and we try to keep this treatment focused to limited goals so as not to unnecessarily extend treatment time.

Treatments for Common Conditions

The following are some typical problems we see that require early intervention:

Back teeth crossed-over, causing the jaw to shift when your child bites together.


Expansion of upper jaw. Approximately 10 months of treatment.

 Front teeth crossed-over, causing excessive enamel wear or jaw to shift.


Limited braces on a few teeth. Approximately 3-5 months limited.

Poor tooth and jaw development due to poor muscle function.


Cemented or removable oral appliance.

Very poor eruption of permanent teeth.


Limited braces or, on occasion the removal of one or more primary teeth, but this does not mean permanent teeth need to be removed later.

Front teeth do not meet (open bite).


Cemented or fixed appliance or tongue habit therapy.


Flared or protrusive upper front teeth.


Limited braces, approximately six months.


Thumb or finger sucking.


Drs. Perelmuter & Goldberg employ a unique technique of behavior modification to help our patients quit on their own—and there is no charge for this treatment!


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