Practice Changes to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

The health and safety of our patients and staff are our number one priority. We have taken into account every part of the patient experience to ensure your visit to Perelmuter and Goldberg is as sanitary as possible.

  • We’ve completely redesigned our heating and air circulation and filtration systems, following the recommendations of certified HVAC engineers.
      • All systems have had ultraviolet HEPA filtration installed for 99% microbe elimination
      • Installation of additional air intakes and a rebalancing of the circulation has resulted in complete air exchange in entire office or 15 times per hour
      • All air ducts have been completely sanitized
  • The office has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and continues to be on a daily basis by a professional medical janitorial team.
      • Extra time between appointments has been added so that units and chairs are completely sanitized after each patient
  • We’ve installed plexiglass shields where needed as physical barriers.
  • The chairs we use for aerosol generating procedures are limited to the private/semi private rooms only.
  • We are employing new techniques to reduce and control aerosol production.
  • The 6-chair treatment bay is now limited to 3 chairs in order to create adequate separation of patients.
  • Appointments are all staggered so only one patient is allowed to enter at a time, requesting no companions unless absolutely necessary. Parents or companions who need to accompany a patient are socially distanced in the new seating arrangement in the reception room.
  • All patients and companions are screened and touch-free temperatures taken prior to being allowed into the office and all companions and patients must wear masks (unless in the treatment chair).
    • We’ve appointed a Patient Health Coordinator. Her job will be to:
      • Manage staggered arrivals for patients
      • Manage texting with patients while they are in the car
      • Administer screening of patients (and their single companion, if necessary) as they enter and escort them to their chairs
        • Patients / companions with any symptoms of COVID-19 or previous exposure to COVID-19 patients will not be allowed in the office.
      • Work with patients and companions to maintain social distancing
  • We’ve closed the children’s area, snack bar and tooth brushing areas
  • The rest room is now single use and a lock has been installed
  • Door handles, surfaces, arm rests and elevator buttons are frequently wiped down with disinfectant around the office and patient areas
  • Virtual monitoring appointments and video conferences are now available to reduce the number of visits for patients.
  • PPE:
    • All scrubs are professionally cleaned and sanitized by a cleaning service
    • N95 masks are reinforced with surgical masks that are changed between patients with the added protection of face shields and protective glasses
    • Disposable gowns are changed between patients and are one use only

We have exceeded CDC guidelines for an orthodontic office to keep our patients and our team as safe as possible.

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